Old West End

West Central's Premier Historic Apartments

807#1 West Berry Street, 3bd/2ba

Didn’t your Mom teach you to not judge a book by the cover. This is a perfect example. It is not the prettiest house in West Central, but look at the inside. If it had a pretty outside, it would rent for more money. This is a really nice Three Bedroom, Two Bath apartment that occupies the entire First […]

  • Neighborhood Character

    All of CASTLE KEEPERS apartments are in recently restored homes. These west centrally located homes are in the Old West End Historic District of Fort Wayne. The apartments offered by CASTLE KEEPERS are in the heart of the historic neighborhood- West Wayne and West Berry Streets. Today these historic mansions are filled with hopeless romantics of all types.

    If we don't have a space appropriate for your needs, please be our neighbor in another home in the Old West End Historic District.

    For More Information, send us an email Info@OldWestEnd.com