“Life is Short, live in a neat place.”

 OLD WEST END  is not just a web site, it will hopefully provide insight, perspective, and information about living in the Old West End Historic District. The Old West End Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, and also has local historic designation. Located directly west of Downtown Fort Wayne, (also known as “West Central”), the neighborhood developed as a residential area in the 1830’s and grew into a neighborhood of mostly the middle and upper class. Many of the city’s early prominent families built large, stylish homes here, but also in the area are small vernacular cottages built to house the many workers who served the business owners and industries of the city.

Various architectural styles from the 1830’s to 1950 are represented in the neighborhood as it remained a popular residential area for many years. Prominent Indiana architects John Wing and his partner Marshall Mahurin designed many homes here, frequently employing a combination of Queen Ann and Romanesque styling in their designs.

The Heffley family has been living, restoring and offering unique living opportunities in the Old West End for more than forty years. Our philosophy has been to retain the historic character of the beautiful homes, while providing nice kitchens and bathrooms, and other modern amenities. Both Eric and Bill live in the Old West End Historic District and continue to advocate for the restoration of the neighborhood, and the redevelopment of downtown Fort Wayne.

You may live anywhere you want, but we have the places your friends will tell their friends about…and You will tell your grandchildren about some day!”

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