Built c. 1854, this gable-front house was first owned by Nathan Sibray. The style of the house has been altered since its construction. Nathan was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1820, and moved to Ohio during his youth. In 1848 he married Mary Sriner, and they moved to Fort Wayne in 1851. He worked as a carpenter for the Wabash Railroad (later known as the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad) beginning in February 1856, helping to build their shops, and worked there until 1892. Nathan “was a man of strong religious convictions” as he was a member of the First Baptist Church for forty years, serving several years as a deacon. He lived here until his death on December 4, 1894. He was survived by his wife and daughters Mary Elizabeth Sibray and Anna M.¬†McCracken. His¬†son William died in 1875 at the age of nineteen.