Old West End

West Central's Premier Historic Apartments

Historic Rhinesmith House 827#4 West Wayne Street, 1bd+/1ba

This is a really cool apartment. It is located on the Third floor of the Historic Rhinesmith House in the West End Historic District. From the second floor landing you go up a circular stairway to the third floor (yes there is a regular back stair to move your furniture). When you enter the apartment you come into the living room. It is a large room with a exposed brick wall from the floor to the ceiling (about 15ft), the ceiling goes from the peak of 15ft down to 5ft, creating a cathedral like ceiling. To the back of the apartment is a nice bedroom with large closet. The kitchen is off the living room with lots of storage, from the kitchen you go up two steps to a small hall, off the hall is a dining room that is one of the two turrets on the home, this one is square so the ceiling opens up to a pyramid shape. There is also a small room perfect for a home office/computer room. The bathroom has high ceilings with tile floors, the exposed brick wall, a leaded glass window, a shower, and for added character a claw foot bathtub. The entire apartment is hardwood floors, except the kitchen and bathroom which are both ceramic tile. This is the apartment your friends will envy.

This is a non-smoking apartment, Please No Dogs!

The apartment rents for $750+ electric (heat and water are included)

This apartment will be July 15-August 1!

Historic Peters-Heffley House 832#6 West Wayne Street, Studio w/sleeping loft, 1ba

This is a one of a kind apartment. As the door opens, you immediately see the far, triangle shaped wall covered with bookshelves from the floor to the ceiling with a great little stained glass window. As you walk through the door there is a small hall closet, perfect for coats, long garments and misc. stuff. As you continue in, to the left is the sunk-in bathroom, you walk down two steps and are greeted by a shower, w/c, and vanity along with a lovely small widow/skylight that opens to the east letting in great morning light.
As youcontinue into the apartment you pass through the kitchen. It has the stove and refrigerator, with a neat chrome spice/utility rack mounted on the wall, above the sink,  lighted by modern halogen track-lights. There is a large island, with drawers and lots of storage, that is lit by two hanging stainless  steel pendant lights. The island opens into the living room and has an overhang perfect for bar stools.
The living room is dominated by two features the cathedral ceiling that is cover with rough-saw ceder, that climbs up the walls all the way to the peak of the roof  (almost 20 feet). As you look back toward the kitchen you can see the sleeping loft, with ladder and railing looking down on the living room. It is just big enough to put a mattress or futon on the wooden floor. Beside the ladder is a large closet concealed in the wall.
The other dominate feature of this apartment is the turret. You pass through a large opening surrounded by large beams, and an portion of an exposed brick curved wall. Yes, it has a round room, with three curved glass windows. As you look up, (almost 23 feet), the ceiling has been removed and you see the inside the cone shaped roof of the turret, with a beautiful historic chandelier hanging from the peak.
The entire apartment is carpeted, has lots of  natural wood, stained glass window, exposed brick, view of the Fort Wayne skyline, and has the feel of a place you would see in a movie. What more could you ask for?
This Apartment Rents for $565+lights (heat and water are included)
This Apartment is Available Now
This is a Non-Smoking, No Pet apartment.
  • Neighborhood Character

    All of CASTLE KEEPERS apartments are in recently restored homes. These west centrally located homes are in the Old West End Historic District of Fort Wayne. The apartments offered by CASTLE KEEPERS are in the heart of the historic neighborhood- West Wayne and West Berry Streets. Today these historic mansions are filled with hopeless romantics of all types.

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